DeepTactics is your personal gaming coach

Up your game and dominate the competition! Analyse your matches to get deep insights about your gameplay and that of your opponents. DeepTactics is the ultimate tool to hone your strengths and overcome your weaknesses.


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DeepTactics pulls every piece of data from your matches and gives you and your team concrete and actionable advice where to improve your gamplay - be it aim, characters or successrates.


Tactical Match Review

Performance Analysis

Data-driven Forecasting

Reliable Insights


Connect your Riot Account with DeepTactics. All past matches will upload and analyzed automatically.

Connect your Riot Account with DeepTactics.
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All past matches will upload and analyzed automatically.
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The insights DeepTactics provides stem from analysis of meta data. You may develop these by gut instinct, but our data analysis is a shortcut to get reliable, actionable insights much faster.


As the game evolves, so do we. DeepTactics is a service that is continuously improved to adapt to your needs, to adapt to new data driven insights and to new developments in the Valorant community.


We are here to make sure you can get the most out of DeepTactics right from the start. Contact us through an easy-to-use ticketing system or simply via Discord to suggest features, raise an issue or simply ask away.

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